How to remove your lashes at home….SAFELY…

Step away from the olive oil!

Contrary to popular belief. Olive oil, or any type of oil for that matter is not going to safely remove your eyelash extensions. If any thing it’s going to cause you to damage your natural lashes.

Your lash extensions are applied with a medical grade adhesive containing cyanoacrylate, which is an acrylic, so anything you use to remove your lashes needs to be able to break this down. Oils will slowly have an affect on the adhesive, but will take much longer than an actual remover that has been developed to break down the acrylic in the adhesive. Very similar to the process of removing acrylic nails… you wouldn’t sit them in a bowl of olive oil to take them off would you.

Professional removal is always best as your eyes are closed and your technician can see exactly what they are doing. However during “Lockdown” this isn’t an option.

We have at At Home Removal Kits available for you! These are the BEST way to remove your lash extensions at home as the remover is professional remover, that will break the adhesive down into liquid form to allow the extensions to come away from your natural lashes easily.

It is advised to do one eye at a time.
Use the eye pads provided and the applicator wand.
Apply to the base of the lashes where the glue is and just leave for the remover to soak for a few minutes.
Then gently comb the lashes, you will have some stubborn ones, especially if you recently had infills as you are removing glue of different ages.
Reapply for a few minutes to soak and comb again.
Repeat if necessary.
Then gently wash the eye area.
Repeat on the other eye.
Instructions are included so please make sure you read them before using the removal kit. The product can be used for 3 months once opened.

The adhesive used in our lash extension treatments are Vegan & Cruelty Free. It is made in the UK and is medical grade iso approved, compliant with REACH regulations and compliant with EU regulations.